Cycleland Speedway

Cycleland Speedway is located in Oroville, California.
Racing at this location contains: 1/8 mile clay oval, motocross, kart.


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Landon Brooks Earns Win #3 of the Season in Open Class, Extends Points Lead

Points Race #9 at the Cycleland Speedway featured some thrilling battles to the finish in more than one class. We had two last lap passes for the win (OI & 250) and some late race drama between title contenders in the Open Class. We are now right at the halfway point of the season and the intensity has risen among drivers competing for a Championship in 2020.

In the Box Stock Class we saw great battles throughout a race that had many ups and downs for the drivers at the front of the field. In the end though it was Racin Gramps who recovered from an early miscue to rebound and take his Fifth win of the season in his SRT Karts #8 machine. He was chased across the line by the #75 of Jaxon Hall who had a blazing fast kart all night. He too had to rebound from an early race spin and was able to do so in grand fashion, nearly stealing the win late in the race. Early race leader and Championship Points Leader, Jett Barnes faded back to third in the finishing order at the drop of the Checkered Flag. Jett still holds a massive lead in the Championship though as it is still up over 300 points between first and second.

The 250 Intermediate Class saw a first time winner steal the show in the closing laps. Evan Gularte led just two laps in the Main Event, the final two. He charged through the field from his 10th starting spot and late in the race he and Rowdy Gramps reeled in early race leader Samuel Harper from a deficit of 3.5 seconds. On the final lap it was Gularte and Gramps that would battle it out. Gularte ran a perfect final lap and got the win by .600 seconds over Rowdy Gramps at the line. Eric Botelho also snuck by Samuel Harper on the final lap to finish in the third position in his #2b entry. Gularte has never won an Outlaw Kart race at Cycleland and it has always been a bucket list item for the young driver from Nevada.

The Open Intermediate Main Event had the most incredible finish of the night. Carson Hammes jumped out to the lead early in the race and looked to be the kart to beat as he ran the bottom of the racetrack to perfection. Behind him though was Luke Hayes and Coletyn Hunderman, stalking him late in the race. When the White Flag flew you could have thrown a blanket over the top three. Hammes rolled the bottom once again while Hunderman did everything but knock the wall down on the top of the racetrack. They raced into the final set of corners, Hunderman tripped on the cushion on entry and looked to have no shot. Hammes raced off of turn four with a fist in the air ready to celebrate, when out of nowhere Coletyn Hunderman got an incredible drive off the top of the race track and snuck by Hammes in the final 10 feet before the finish line. The margin of victory .082 seconds. Carson Hammes would cross the line a bittersweet second. While Luke Hayes was right there as well finishing in the third position in his #9L entry.

In the Open Class, early in the race it was all Casey Schmitz in his Tri-C Machine #3c entry. Schmitz looked to be in control and on his way to his fourth win of the season. Landon Brooks though was on a mission, charging from his 5th starting spot He found his way to second by Lap 8. It was then that he began to stalk the #3c kart. The two raced nose to tail as close as you can run around the top of the racetrack. Brooks applying the pressure hoping to catch Schmitz in a mistake. Schmitz never put a wheel wrong and Brooks had to make a move to the bottom. The leaders were about two laps from catching the traffic at the rear of the field with five laps left in the race. Brooks decided it was now or never as they raced into Turn 3 with four to go. He dove to the inside and pulled the trigger on the slider. As he raced off the bottom of the racetrack Schmitz was still to the outside. The two karts came together on the exit of turn four, resulting in the #3c kart getting into the outside retaining wall and spinning to a stop ending his chances at victory. Brooks would go on to lead the final four laps en route to his third win of the season in the Factory QRC #60L entry. Garrett Brown found himself back on the podium as he piloted his Ed Brown Trucking #2 entry to a second place finish. Tanner Holmes charged from a B-Main Transfer into the top three and secured the third and final podium spot in his Factory QRC #18t entry.

The Sportsman Main Event saw Jojo Owens get out to the early lead in his #68b entry. Jojo would lead until Lap 6 when the #11vs of John-Michael Bunch would take over the top spot. From there it was all Bunch at the front of the field he would pull out to more than a two second advantage as he secured his 6th victory of the season in the Bunch Electric/Voltage Specialists #11vs. Jojo Owens completed his best night of the season with a second place effort in the #68b, while Mallorie McGahan made her first start of the year a good one with a third place finish in the #1m. With the win, John-Michael Bunch has now taken over the Points Lead in the Sportsman Class. He will carry a 15 point advantage into this weekend’s double header.

This weekend we will be racing both Friday August 7th and Saturday August 8th as Points Race’s 10 & 11 will take place. The Saturday night portion of the weekend will be the Annual QRC Cup Perpetual Trophy Night paying at least $1,000 to Win the Open Class. Jimmy Elledge and the folks at Factory QRC have been hard at work trying to secure extra purse money for Saturday night’s event. Friday Night Hot Laps are scheduled for 6:00pm while Saturday Night will be the normal time of 5:30pm.

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Don’t forget FLAT TRACK RACES at Cycleland Speedway this Saturday night! Here is an updated flyer for the event!! ...

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Double Header Weekend August 7th & 8th at Cycleland Speedway! Both nights will be Points Races with Saturday being the QRC Cup Perpetual Trophy Night. Opens will pay $1,000 to Win on Saturday Night! ...

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John Michael Bunch Electrifies Crowd with Two Main Event Victories!

(July 20th, 2020)…..Points Race #8 was the John Michael Bunch show in the Open and Sportsman Classes. Bunch put together a brilliant night of racing and scored wins in both classes he entered. It was kind of a rough and tumble night all around, that saw Main Events run past midnight. In the end though we saw some great racing all throughout the night.

In the Box Stock Class, Racin Gramps won his fourth Main Event in his last five starts. Racin is having a spectacular season in his SRT Karts entry. Finishing second, more than four seconds behind Gramps was the #88 of Kinser Bell who had a great night. The third and final podium finisher was the #25 of Logan Reeves who had his best run since his season opening victory.

In the 250 Class Tater Reich scored the victory in his #3t entry. Rowdy Gramps led at the White Flag, but contact with Reich in the final corner sent Gramps into the wall and flipping wildly. Rowdy was ok, but would be scored 14th in the Main Event. Second place, behind Reich went to the #08h of Samuel Harper. Eric Botelho’s Main Event Win streak came to an end as he finished in the third spot.

In the Open Main Event, John Michael Bunch jumped out to the lead on the opening lap and never looked back. He would lead all 25 laps en route to his 10th career open main event win at Cycleland. Casey Schmitz gained some points in the Championship chase as he finished in the second position in his Tri-C Machine #3c. Points Leader Landon Brooks rounded out the Podium with a third place effort in his Factory QRC #60L entry.

The Sportsman Class saw more of the same from John Michael Bunch. He got out front on Lap 2 and would lead the remaining 19 laps to get the victory. It wasn’t easy though as he had to hold off hard charges from Michael Helwig and James Grant. Helwig would finish second, making this the sixth time in eight races this duo has finished 1-2. James Grant crossed the line in third but was disqualified for having an illegally soft tire on the kart. He would be moved to last, while Darin Spencer was moved up to the third and final podium finishing position.

In the Open Intermediate Class, Blake Burgess soared to the victory in his Grandpa George Motors #88 entry. That wasn’t the most impressive part of his night. The most impressive part were the donuts after the win. Blake looked like a Tasmanian Devil spinning on the front stretch before getting out of control and flipping the kart in a spectacular celebration. Second place went to the #24k of Koa Crane. Crane led some laps early in the race, but the pace on the outside of the track from Burgess was too much to hold back. The third and final podium position went to the #47 of Carter Patterson who was somewhat of a surprise contender at the front of the field.

Outlaw Karts are off this weekend, July 25th as Cycleland will be hosting Flat Track Motorcycle Races! The karts will be back in action on Saturday August, 1st with Points Race #9.

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This is a reminder that there are NO PASSENGER VEHICLES permitted to park in the Pit Area. The pit area is for Trailers and Tow Vehicles ONLY. All passenger vehicles must park in the PARKING LOT.

Pitting in the parking lot is not permitted unless you are instructed to do so. All karts should be pitted in the Pit Area when space allows.

Last but not least, NO VEHICLE should be parked in a HANDICAPPED parking space without the proper permit (Placard/License Plate).

These are not optional guidelines and apply to EVERYONE, unless direct approval is given from Lowell or Becky Moural.

Thank You.

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Landon Brooks Extends Points Lead with Second Win of the Season

(July 13th, 2020)…..Despite what had been a dominant three week run for the #3c of Casey Schmitz, Landon Brooks has slightly increased his points lead each week because of his great qualifying efforts. This week he was finally able to couple that with a Main Event win to open his points lead up to the largest it’s been all season.

The Open Main Event had two of the young stars in the field on the front row. Carly Holmes and Tyler Matheny would lead the field to the Green Flag. Carly Holmes would get the early advantage as she would lead the opening seven laps of the race in her Durango RV Resort #22c. Casey Schmitz found his way to the front of the field on Lap 8 and began to open up an advantage over the field. Landon Brooks finally worked his way into the second position on Lap 16 and would have just nine laps to try and track down Schmitz for the win. In the final three laps, Brooks and Schmitz would wage war on each other. Slider after slider the two drivers never came even close to touching, racing each other with a lot of respect as the Championship contenders. In the final corner, Schmitz would make one last attempt to slide up in front of Brooks but the Factory QRC #60L was just too strong on the outside and was able to power to the Checkered Flag for the Victory. Casey Schmitz would cross the line a bittersweet second, while Kinden Peacock rounded out the podium in the third spot.

In the Box Stock Class, Jett Barnes was able to undo Racin Gramps stranglehold on Main Event Wins. Barnes has a commanding Championship Points Lead, but it’s been all Racin Gramps the last three races. Jett would have none of that though during Points Race #7, not only winning the Main Event but the Trophy Dash as well. Racin Gramps would end up finishing second, crossing the line more than three seconds behind the winner, Barnes. KC Nystrom, continued his spectacular start to the season as he earned a third place finish in kart #36kc.

In the 250 Intermediate Class, Eric Botelho won his second straight Main Event after a WILD final lap. Jennifer Osborne took the lead on Lap 4 and held it all the way until the White Flag flew. Osborne was one lap away from her first 250 Intermediate Win when her kart suddenly lost power coming out of turn two. In an effort to miss her slowing kart, second place running Rowdy Gramps spun to the infield. That allowed Botelho to sneak by and pick up the victory! He had to hold off a last stitch effort by the #9L of Luke Hayes as the two motored to the finish line. Rowdy Gramps recovered from his adventure through the infield to finish in the third position.

In the Open Intermediate Class, Points Leader, Luke Hayes earned his second Main Event win of the season. The Dunnigan, CA driver is having a great season in both the 250 Int. Class and the Open Int. Class as he currently leads the points standings in both. Second place in the Main Event went to the #98 of Dominic Gorden who made a rare start in the Open Int. class. He was followed by the #88 of Blake Burgess who would round out the podium in the third position.

The Sportsman Main Event saw yet another epic battle between John-Michael Bunch and Michael Helwig. The duo has now finish 1-2 five times this season in seven races. This week though, Michael Helwig would finally get back to his winning ways as he held off a haymaker from Bunch on the final lap to win by a half a kart length. Bunch would come home second by .107 seconds. The pair were followed across the stripe by the #33 of James Grant rounding out the podium in the third position.

We are back in action with Points Race #8 on Saturday, July 18th before taking a weekend off from Outlaw Karts. We will have Flat Track Motorcycle races taking place on Saturday July 25th.

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Three Different Drivers Earn Third Straight Win at Cycleland!

(July 5th, 2020)…..Points Race #6 at the Cycleland Speedway saw Racin Gramps, Casey Schmitz, and John Michael Bunch each pick up their third consecutive Main Event Wins. Other drivers earning victories included, Eric Botelho and Rylinn Renaud each earning their first wins of the season.

In the Box Stock Class, Racin Gramps continued his dominance in Main Event competition. Racin picked up his third win in a row. He is not running for points this season, but will be a threat each and every week he runs. Gramps was followed across the line by the #57 of Jake Nuxoll. Unfortunately, Nuxoll was called for three jump starts throughout the race and would be disqualified from the finishing order. That would turn second place over to Fallon, NV driver Corbin Seay in his #7c entry. Biggs, CA driver Logan Pike would cross the stripe in the third and final. Podium position in his #229.

The 250 Intermediate Class saw 2019 Track Champion Eric Botelho get back to his winning ways in his #2b entry. Eric had been winless so far in 2020 and was very excited to get back into victory lane. Second place went to the #14r of Rowdy Gramps. Gramps made a late charge to the front but just ran out of time in the closing laps. The final podium spot would go to the #10 of Jennifer Osborne who had a great run and her best finish of the season.

In the Open Class, Casey Schmitz started outside row one and never looked back. He would cruise to his third straight victory in his Tri-C Machine #3c entry. He was followed across the stripe by the #9b of Brandon LaChance who is still in search of his first career Cycleland victory. Keagan Medeiros would round out the podium finishers in his #81 entry, a solid rebound after encountering troubles early in the night during Hot Laps and having to bring out the backup kart for qualifying.

The Sportsman Main Event once again saw John Michael Bunch put it all on the line as he ripped up the top side of the racetrack for 20 laps en route to his third straight win and fourth of the season. Michael Helwig would finish second in his #28m for the third straight week as well. Those two were followed across the line by the #68b of Jojo Owens who finished in the third position.

The Open Intermediate Main Event was dominated by the #88 of Blake Burgess. That is until a late race restart when the second place kart would get into the back of him causing him to spin to a stop. That turned the lead over to Luke Hayes, who would then spin by himself on the restart. Finally, the lead would go to the #24 of Rylinn Renaud and he would hang on to win his first race of the season. Blake Burgess made a valiant effort to get back to the front but would come up one spot short in second, with the #56c of Dawson Hammes rounding out the podium in third.

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Cycleland Speedway - Chico Ca

Cycleland Speedway - Chico Ca's cover photo ...

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Cycleland Speedway - Chico Ca

Yesterday’s Opening Ceremonies where quite the sight with all of those karts on the racetrack saluting our Nations Independence! So glad we were able to pull that off. Thank you to all of the teams that participated!!! ...

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Happy Fourth of July from us at Cycleland Speedway!!! ...

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