Katanning Speedway

Katanning Speedway is located in Katanning, WA.
Racing at this location contains: dirt oval.


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So you all know, as most clubs have, we have cancelled all remaining events until further notice at KSC

It hurts us, as we love providing you all with a great venue to compete or spectate at.

In line with this, as no one knows how long it will be till we can have another meeting, a small group of members removed all valuable items from the venue on the weekend.

Pace car, all drinks and food, toilet paper, generators, pumps, gas bottles, fridges, microwaves, hot water systems, PA system, our portable lighting tower plus much more.

It took a while, but we feel it was well worth it, seeing as on top of the hot water system that was stolen after our last meeting, we also found the pace car had the rotating beacon, 2 way and other bits stolen....crap like that just breaks our hearts.

We will have club members going out weekly to check the venue, but for the scum that decide they deserve the nice things we work hard for more than us, there is nothing of value to flog.

Till we race/skid again


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USA vs WA Event Cancelled

Due to potential of travel restrictions back into the US, our American drive Kade Ogle will not be able to make it, so we are cancelling next weekends event.

We also have concerns that the event may fall under the large crowd ban, so this has also led to the decision to cancel.

At this point in time out April event will also be cancelled, as we are unsure if the ban will still be in place, and also water is a concern for our track, as our dam would only just maybe have had enough for next weekends event, and we would need significant rain to ensure April could go ahead.

We are looking at a June event, both large group ban and water permitting, stay tuned and stay safe


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Nominations are open for katanning speedway next meeting on the 21st of march wa vs usa in the pro mods
Racing from 6
Come down race or watch
what is going to be a once in a lifetime thing for a small town like katanning make sure you dont miss this one

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Club members notice today that the brand new hot water system we installed for the showers at the speedway has been stolen since our last meeting.

So there goes another $1,000

We bust ourselves and put everything we make back into the venue, always improving, and things like this happen.......

Hope whoever took it gets Corona virus and runs out of toilet paper

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Katanning speedways next meeting the best in wa for the pro mods take on the usa gun kade ogle this is not a meeting you want to miss once in a life time ...

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Well what a day it was saturday 22nd of feb we had much needed rain but it had to come on race day but we managed to get the meeting run and won. Thank you to everyone that came down, raced and watched it turned out to be an amazing night's racing


Pro mods
1st ryan ludlow
2nd matt bosveld
3rd glenn fiorenza

Street stock
1st bryden southwell
2nd scott hook
3rd travis southwell

1st bryce fisher
2nd brock pearce
3rd jarrod pearce

Super 6
1st jeffrey veersma
2nd rod clarke
3rd josh curtin

1st bill stocks
2nd troy beckingham
3rd lee redmond

1st beau doyle
2nd steven henderson
3rd gary mann

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4 months ago

Katanning Speedway Club
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We have had a few little drops around town but nothing out the speedway racing is still a go ahead

Racing from 6 see you all track side

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4 months ago

Katanning Speedway Club
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