Lancaster Motor Speedway

Lancaster Motor Speedway is located in Lancaster, South Carolina.
Racing at this location contains: 1/4 mile dirt oval.


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Happy Birthday to Vintage Division driver Michael Deese! ...

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Happy Birthday, to the man, the myth, the legendary Chester Brooks! ...

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Everyone get ready for the HUGE Fireworks show, this Saturday Night! ...

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Everyone please keep the family and friends of Buster Bell, in your thoughts and prayers. His son Chris Bell has went home to Heaven. ...

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Updated points for 2020


Andrew Baker 101

James Marion 100

Jason Gulledge 99

Jonathan Starkey 91

Tom McGill 81

Timbo Mangum 60

Dustin Sweatt 59

Jimmy Helms 56

Brandy Baker 33

James Cook 33

Jimmy Stacks JR 32

Steven Hinson 31

Matthew Cauthen 30

Richard Brewer 29

Andy Hodges 28

Elliott Miller 27

Troy Blue 27

Jason Knight 24

Thunder Bombers

Brent McAteer 100

Matthew Luck 97

Seth Outlaw 96

Robert Bennett 88

Neil Brown 82

Jimbo Baker 79

Andrew Baker 67

Mike Slone 64

Issac Tthomas 56

Jonathan Hinson 54

Benji Knight 35

Chris Fincher 34

David Laney 32

Dwayne Ray 28

Kevin Woolford 27

Christian Patterson 26

SECA Crate Sportsman

Hank Taylor 105

Shannon Adams 98

Jackson Thomasson 92

Jacob Catoe 92

Steven Saucier 65

Mitchell Creech 62

Brent Hodges 57

Hunter Funderburke 32

Justin Fite 32

Britt Dover 31

Jamie Thomasson 30

Jarad Mitchell 28

Tyler Love 27

Wesley Barrett 26

David Lucas 24

Fastrak Crate Late Models

Timbo Mangum 35

Travis Steele 34

Dillion Brown 33

Kevin Godwin 32

Jason Burroughs 31

Joseph Engelbrecht 30

Layton Sullivan 29

Bryan Mullis 28

Pat Linsay 27

Ron Geehring 26

Gray Parton 25

Mike Lemely 24

Extreme 4

Dan Benson 103

Chris Baker 98

Rusty Catoe 94

Jonathan Ellis 89

Jamie Kelly 88

Brad McManus 58

Zach Slone 58

Hank terry 57

Wesley Sistar 57

Gavin Kee 53

Chris Bowers 51

David Laney 35

Curtis Wood 32

Brian Wright 30

Joey Kelly 30

CJ Deas 29

Jay Johnson 26

Tyler Laney 24

Tyler Belk 0

Pure Stock

Pebo Johnson 105

Jeff Wallace 102

Gary McCoy 91

Jim Hodge 89

Scott Sims 87

Kayden Outlaw 64

James Carnes 62

Alex Wiseman 33

Dean Davis 33

Galen Ballard 32

Jonathan Tadlock 29

Matthew Cauthen 0

Young Guns

Hunte Wallace 35

Parker Griffin 34

Kayli Wallace 33

Shawn Laney 32

Gavin Kee 31

Jacob Hayes 30

Michael Ott 29

Payton Cauthen 0

Lightning Late Models

Kevin Godwin 69

Jason Burroughs 66

Mike Huey 64

Chris Fite 61

Jeff Morgan 58

Nick Yandle 56

Timbo Mangum 35

Josh Harwell 32

Mac Huey 31

David Yandle 30

Andrew Yandle 26

Brain Helms 25

Michael Lauffer 24


Kenneth Deese 35

Joe Earle 34

Jonathan Hinson 33

Michael Deese 32

Johnny Starkey 31

Joe Howie 30

Kegg Robinson 0

Jimmy Helms 0

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Results from 06-27-20

James Marion
Jason Gulledge
Dustin Sweatt
Jonathan Starkey
Andrew Baker
James Cook
Richard Brewer
Tom MeGill
Troy Blue
Brandy Baker-DNS

Xtreme 4
David Laney
Dan Benson
Rusty Catoe
Chris Baker
Zach Slone
Hank Terry
Wesley Sistar
Jamie Kelly
Gavin Kee
Jay Johnson
Jonathan Ellis
Tyler Langley
Brad McManus

Thunder Bombers
Brent McAteer
Seth Outlaw
Mike Slone
David Laney
Matthew Luck
Neil Brown
Robert Bennett
Dwayne Ray
Jimbo Baker
Christian Patterson
Jonathan Hinson
Andrew Baker DQ'ed
Chris Fincher DQ'ed

Lightning Late Models
Kevin Godwin-1st win
Mike Huey
Jason Burroughs
Chris Fite
Jeff Morgan
David Yandle
Nick Yandle
Mac Huey-DNS

Crate Sportsman
Hank Taylor 3 in a row
Shannon Adams
Jacob Catoe
Hunter Funderburke
Jackson Thomasson
Jamie Thomasson
Mitchell Creech
Jared Mitchell

Kenneth Deese
Joe Earle
Jonathan Hinson
Michael Deese
Johnny Starkey
Joe Howie
Kegg Robinson-DNS
Jimmy Helms-DNS

Pure Stock
Pebo Johnson-3 in a row
Jeff Wallace
Kayden Outlaw
Gary McCoy
Jim Hodge
Scott Sims
Jonathan Tadlock
Matthew Cauthen-DNS
James Carnes-DNS

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I normally do not take pictures with drivers in Victory Lane, until my dads memorial race. But last night, I just had to get one with this driver. Kevin Godwin and his family have been loyal supporters for years at Lancaster Motor Speedway, they do not have top notch equipment but they make it work. He told me a few weeks back that he has never won a race in any kind of racing he has been in. He has been on the best run of his racing career this year, especially in the Lightning Late Model Division, finishing in 2nd place for 3 straight weeks. I kept telling him this yellow car is good luck (he hates it being yellow 😂.) Well finally last night, Kevin 2nd place streak came to an end, he up his spot by just 1 position and it was the 1 spot that counted. Kevin Godwin can now say, he is a feature winner, he visited Victory Lane, he got a mud bath by get this Brandy Baker and Sherri Norwood. Kevin Godwin is now notch in the history at Lancaster Motor Speedway as a winner and capturing his first ever win in a Late Model. Join me in saying Congratulations on the win to Kevin Godwin, his family, his crew, his friends and his fans! There will be many more to come after this!

📸 Marty Hinson

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Usually I can type up a big article about a drivers win and etc..... there is a lot of things I could say about James Marion win last night in Renegade, but we all know who this win was for! In this picture James got out of his car pointed toward Heaven and you know exactly who was pointed right back at James, smiling, yelling and cheering. THIS ONE IS FOR YOU PAUL MARION! Everyone join me and saying congratulations to James Marion on a much needed and emotional win last night! Paul was right there in the car with James last night, leading every lap with him. We love you and we all miss you Paul!

📸 Kirstan Marion

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6/27 - Thunder Bomber winner, Brent McAteer.

📸: Brittany McAteer

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Come join us this Saturday, July 4th, to celebrate our country’s independence the best way we know, with one of the greatest American past times, dirt track racing. This holiday weekend will see seven exciting divisions of action pack racing, along with a HUGE firework show.

The ‘Independence Day Bash’ will see these highly competitive divisions take on the ‘big half-mile’ for this weekend’s edition of ‘Saturday Night Lights'…

Lightning Late Models
Crate Sportsman
Thunder Bomber
Pure Stock
Extreme 4
Young Guns FWD

Stands: $13
Pits: $25
Kids 12 & Under FREE

Pits: 4:30p
Stands: 5p

Hot Laps: 7p

For more information about the track visit:

So, come on out and enjoy an ‘American Saturday Night’ of awesome fireworks and some of the best dirt track racing the Carolina’s has to offer, as we look to celebrate the greatest country in the world at the ‘fastest half-mile dirt track in the south,’ Lancaster Motor Speedway.

Thanks, and we’ll see you at the track.

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