North Florida Speedway

North Florida Speedway is located in Lake City, Florida.
Racing at this location contains: 3/8 mile semi-banked dirt oval.


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6-20-20 Points ...

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6-19-20 Points ...

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6-20-20 Results
1st Devin Walker
2nd Raymond Folwell
3rd Nevin Gainey
4th Michael Whipple
5th Donnie Gray
6th Kevin Davis
7th Dave Ponton
8th Mark Steube
9th JD Jeffers
10th James Parrish
11th Ben Hutto
12th Brenden Smith
13th Patrick Williams
14th David Pollen
15th Bruce Griffin

Pure Stock
1st Timmy Roach
2nd Karling Ray
3rd John Thorpe
4th Bubba Christian
5th Cory Howard
6th Seth Caudill
7th Justin Durbin
8th John Canary
9th Michael Hart
10th Wyatt Gainey
11th Shawn Creech
12th Chris Rowe
13th Jeff Baer
14th John Warner
15th Timmy Roach Jr
16th Corey Anderson
17th Rick Reed
18th Scott Bulson
19th Mason Pair
20th Kurtis Louth

Street Stock
1st Jason Garver
2nd Tyler sistrunk
3rd Trey Spradley
4th Heath Walker
5th Brad Nixon
6th Jonathan Crain
7th Danny Norton
8th Joe Belkey
9th Devin Walker
10th Marty Smith
11th Jonathan Croson
12th Glenn Henry
13th Kevin Mills
14th Timmy Roach
15th Cecil Wilkerson
16th Zach yakaboski
17th Justin McGauley
18th Robert Oneail
19th Scott Stewart
20th Cory Howard

Florida Late Model Challenge Series
1st Nevin Gainey
2nd Adam Bedenbaugh
3rd David Showers Jr
4th Clay Bedenbaugh
5th Richard Ferry
6th Dusty Sparkman
7th Hunter Sweet
8th Tom Fiebelkorn
9th Dennis Williams
10th Bill Adkins
11th Jimmy Wagner
12th Chuck Jackson
13th Cameron Saunders
14th Mark Evans
15th Morrie West
16th Steve Shead
17th Larry Perry Jr
18th Todd Evans
19th Dan Olson
20th Shan Smith
21st Richard Burchette
22nd Ronnie Chance
23rd Larry Anderson
24th David Markham

Mod Lites
1st Austin Martin
2nd Bo Bass
3rd Andrew Smith
4th Alex Cline
5th Jason Tretheway
6th Jeff Bonnema
7th Dylan Dunn
8th Jeff Wolfe
9th Tim Mcleod
10th Darren Bass

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[ Chuck Privette Photos]

1.] Jason Garver 74
2.] Trey Spradley 2
3.] Timmy Roach 3
4.] Kevin Mills 01
5.] Jonathan Crain 31
6.] Jerry Fortner F16
7.] Tyler Sistrunk 37
8.] Devin Walker NINE
9.] Brad Nixon 19
10.] Ethan Butts B27
11.] Trey Fortner 29
12.] Robert O'neail 1
13.] Doran Cheney 61C
14.] Randall Boyette B8
15.] Heath Walker 55
16.] Cory Howard 4H

1.] Michael Hart 99
2.] Chris Rowe 23
3.] Seth Caudill C1
4.] Justin Durbin 2
5.] Karlin Ray 72
6.] Cory Howard 4H
7.] James Edwards 17E
8.] Freddy Hughes 76
9.] Brent Strickland 46
10.] John Thorpe 114
11.] Paul Webb 4RD
12.] Jeff Baer 4
13.] Raymond Vann 1V
14.] Timmy Roach 44
15.] William Edwards 08
16.] Donnie Oden 22
17.] Wyatt Gainey 17G
18.] Scott Bulson 63
19.] John Warden 10W
20.] Timmy Roach Jr. 15
21.] Shawn Creech 07
22.] Rick Reed 66


1.] Payne Pickles 05
2.] Hunter Creamer 48
3.] She Spradley 22
4.] Earl Brown E1
5.] Larry Joslyn 43
6.] Jonathan Wilks 8
7.] Daniel Starner 313
8.] Steve Darling 00
9.] Chris Montgomery 34
10.] Olvan Williams 45
11.] Peyton Joslyn 97
12.] Chuck Frater 46
13.] Chad Steirner E11
14.] Jordan Fowler 70
15.] John Windham 65
16.] Andrew Pendley 06
17.] Austin Bailey 101
18.] Anthony Starner 51A [DNS]
19.] Jeffrey Creamer 07 [DNS]
20.] Danny Guthrie 77 [DNS]


1.] Fletcher Mason 57
2.] Kevin Dugger 7
3.] Makayla Tyrrell 3
4.] Jason Garver 27
5.] Andy Olson 13
6.] John Lester 58
7.] Devin Register 99
8.] David Crews 10
9.] Cory Crews 6 [DNS]

EMODS / 7 Kevin Dugger
BOX STOCKS / 70 Jordan Fowler / E1 Earl Brown / 22 Shep Spradley
STREET STOCKS / 74 Jason Garver / 2 Trey Spradley
PURE STOCKS / C1 Seth Caudill / 63 Scott Bulson / 44 Timmy Roach

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Harold Frederick roams the pits each event taking still shots of pit activity.
He sets up in the pit area under the shade tree at the entrance if you are interested in seeing what he has to offer stop by and chat with him.
A old school race fan that has raced himself at one time and now enjoys just being at the races and being a part of the racing community.

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