North Florida Speedway

North Florida Speedway is located in Lake City, Florida.
Racing at this location contains: 3/8 mile semi-banked dirt oval.


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As you look at this on this Monday morning trucks are hauling new clay on the 3/8’s at the “finest dirt track in the southeast” and the fall fling should make for some interesting scenarios.

Hopes are to have a couple chances to pound on the new surface before Labor Day weekend, but the new clay may still have a mind of its own for a couple shows before being “tamed”.

Other improvements that would like to be done before Winter Nationals in February such as frontage improvement for a easier sight for the eyes and rework on the front stretch wall , fencing and the armor metal replaced with a solid dirt banking behind the concrete.

All this depends on weather, time and scheduling but it will be a start to more improvements for 2021.

Had a blast Saturday night going up in the booth and announcing with Patrick LaPage our new “secret phenom” announcer who told us after his first gig a few weeks ago it was his first time ever announcing any event.

Patrick who has followed dirt racing for years and drove a center seat mod himself in the north has learned from listening to some of the best in the northeast and has styled himself to be close to these pro’s. He is by far a natural and we are proud to have him be a part of TEAM NFS.

Can’t wait to hear him and Eishelman together in February.

When the Pure Stocks have a big money, show its almost a guarantee it’s going to be a “barn burner” as Inverness, Florida's Karlin Ray #72 and St. Augustine's John Thorpe #114 had everyone almost peeing their pants by providing a side by side, slide job, battle to the checkers which brought a loud approval from the packed house in the stands.

Only thing missing was south Florida’s Tommy Hill who did his own “that’s entertainment” show in his #1H with Stark, Florida’s Racin Jason Garver #74 and was also joined by North , Florida’s Brian Hansford #2 until Brian had some issues in the Street Stock main.
Good to see J.J.'s and my friend Ronnie Chance in a mod again. brings back tons of memories.

The racing Saturday night was awesome from heats to features on a almost perfect track which had the fast guys banging the outside walls riding a near perfect cushion “waaay up”. Hopefully we can create even better with the new clay.

The day’s sun and heat was brutal Saturday as all of us on TEAM NFS battled it throughout the day and it was a relief to go up in the tower at night. Thanks, Don Wilson, for handling the box blade. His veteran racing knowledge helps make for a superb racetrack when he comes to Lake City.

As hot as it was enough can’t be said for the fan’s “true racer’s” who stayed in the stands and loudly supported the competition that night. You truly were the heroes on this night.

This will be a weekly column on Monday nights with a little twist with driver and fan news and things observed from the previous NFS event and news on ones to come.
We will have a few guests writing on some weeks whether fans or driver's.

If anyone has news about your race team, birthdays [racers or fans] or something you think of interest get with me, Patrick, Liz or Phil and we’ll jot them down for the next column.

We usually are at the track working on Tuesdays and Friday’s during the week and sometimes change up a little but I will post when we will be there and volunteer is the best way to support even if it’s weed eating or stick picking paper trash. It's all an important asset and any help is appreciated and makes it easier for us.

Let us know what talent you can volunteer to showcase to help us and we will start a contact list for info.

Till next Monday remember “Keep it twisted”.

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It will be here before you know it. ...

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When you do hundreds of pictures sometimes you overlook what you have. Looking again I found this one that got lost in the stack. I thought it was posted.
There you go Ry Ry Sowles.

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3 days ago

North Florida Speedway


These photos are courtesy of North Florida Speedway.
They can be used for sharing or personal profiles.
Not to be used for resale or commercial use without permission from NFS.

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[working on night two]

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We will post photos on this page each event.
I will take as many as I can in between doing other stuff so if your not in one event pics I'll try to get you in the next.
This is a courtesy being provided by us at NFS and you are welcome to these pics.
If you want me to make some 8X 10's or 4X6's get with me and i'll print them at costs.
We will be working on taking some driver pics holding a checkered flag next to your car for small 4X6's to be sold out of the souvenir stand and pins also down the road for fans and competitors.
Again I will be doing this when not busy with my other duties.
Remember I am old and slow and don't run away very well anymore so no senior abuse please.
Also i will be starting a column on Monday night's with the racing from the week before sharing driver and fan news.
i will post results on Sundays as I did today if home from the track.

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[Chuck Privette Photos]


1.] Nevin Gainey 17

2.] Hunter Sweet 15

3.] Sonny Thompson 75

4.] J.O Nobles 0

5.] Dan Olson 17D

6.] Russell Brown Jr. 00

7.] Lenny Long 14L

8.] Raymond Rogers 48

9.] Adam Bedenbaugh 26

10.] Parker Blankenship 34


1.] Karlin Ray 72

2.] John Thorpe 114

3.] Seth Caudill C1

4.] Shawn Creech 07

5.] Wyatt Gainey 17

6.] Chris Rowe 23

7.] Daniel Edwards 17

8.] Scott Bulson 63

9.] Chris Peck 4

10.] Jeff Baer 4B

11.] Wayne Risner 15R

12.] Rick Reed 66

13.] William Edwards 08

14.] Timmy Roach 44

15.] Robert O’Neail 41

16.] Mason Pair 51

17.] Brent Strickland 46

18.] John Warner 10W

19.] Michael Harp 99


1.] Jason Garver 27

2.] Maverick Varnadore 4

3.] Ronnie Chance 99

4.] Andy Olson 13

5.] Spud Lockwood 32JR

6.] Devin Register 99R

7.] Justin Galbreath 141


1.] Jason Garver 74

2.] Tommy Hill 1H

3.] Kevin Mills 01

4.] Trey Fortner 29

5.] John Thorpe 114

6.] Josh Sanford 31

7.] Brad Nixon 119

8.] Trey Spradley 2S

9.] Chris Pearce 3P

10.] Dean Sands F16

11.] Cecil Wilkerson 17

12.] Brian Hansford 2

13.] Garrett McDonald 23

14.] Parker Blankenship 14

15.] Corey Anderson 35

16.] Devin Walker NINE [DNS]


1.] Payne Pickles 05

2.] Johnathan Wilks 8

3.] Buddy Spradley 22

4.] Daniel Bowman 46

5.] Tonya Sowles 02

6.] Larry Joslyn 43

7.] Johnny Pendarvis 3

8.] Walker Windham 72

9.] Emmett Mims 13

10.] Dustin Childers 55

11.] Peyton Joslyn 4

12.] Earl Brown 44

13.] Anthony Starner 63

14.] Chad Starner E11

15.] Hunter Creamer 48

16.] John Windham 72W

17.] Brian Reinhardt 96

18.] Curtis Clark 0

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[ Chuck Privette Photos ]



1.] Nevin Gainey 17

2.] Russell Brown Jr. 00

3.] Kevin Davis 86

4.] David Ponton 10X

5.] Dean Sands 44

6.] Sean Babcock 02

7.] Parker Blankenship 34

8.] Lennie Long 14L

9.] Bum Nelson 11X


1.] Jason Garver 27

2.] Fletcher Mason 57

3.] Kevin Dugger 7D

4.] Corey Crews 6

5.] David Crews 10

6.] Josh Hughes 5

7.] Dylan Crews 5C

8.] Robert Giffen 34

9.] John Lester 58

10.] Devin Register 99


1.] Buddy Spradley 22

2.] Johnny Pendarvis 3

3.] Jonathan Wilks 8

4.] Peyton Joslyn 4

5.] Earl Brown E1

6.] Anthony Starner 63

7.] Tonya Sowles 02

8.] John Windham X

9.] Larry Joslyn 43

10.] Walker Windham 72

11.] Dakota Lang 1 [DNS]

12.] Hunter Creamer 48 [DNS]

13.] Wayne Risner 22R [DNS}


1st heat

1] Michael Harp 99

2] Shawn Creech 07

3.] Karlin Ray 72

2nd heat

1.] Wyatt Gainey 17G

2.] Daniel Edwards 17

3.] Timmy Roach 44


1st heat

1.] Tommy Hill 1H

2.] Brian Hansford 2

3.] Trey Spradley 2S

2nd heat

1.] Jason Garver 74

2.] Devin Walker NINE

3.] Garrett McDonald 23

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North Florida Speedway is happy to announce that Outlaw Graphix will be sponsoring a portion of our July 31st & August 1st "Summer Slam" event at the speedway by providing the graphic checks handed out to feature winners during victory lane ceremonies.
They also will be providing a contingency for one of the classes to be announced in the driver's meeting..
Outlaw Graphix is a locally owned and operated small business in Starke, Florida currently specializing in signs and banners for any and all occasions, business store front and road signs, vehicle graphics, as well as racing graphics.
Signs, banners, store front graphics, vehicle graphics and racecar graphics what ever you need ,they have it all..
They can be contacted at 904-452-1342 or you can email them at or by
Thanks for supporting this event.

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