Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club

Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club is located in Christchurch, New Zealand.
Racing at this location contains: IHRA 1/4 mile dragstrip.


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Thank you to all those who attended or provided proxy votes for our special meeting last night, to take vote on which sanction PBDRC will be affiliated with.

A special thank you to Tony and Grant who represented NZDRA in person and traveled to be with us last night.

Thank you to both NZDRA and IHRA NZ representatives for answering any questions our members had surrounding sanction affiliation.

PBDRC members have voted to remain with IHRA NZ as their sanctioning body.
Members have voted to sign a 3 season contract.

*stay tuned, more updates to come announcing the PBDRC committee for the upcoming season etc.

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1 week ago

Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club


We are so excited to announce the dates for our 2020/2021 season.

Stay tuned for more information surrounding naming of events, features etc.

In the meantime get these weekends on your calendar!

Let's race 🏁🏁

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All welcome to attend the Annual General Meeting on Wednesday, July 1st 2020. 8PM start, due to sanction meeting.

Members, can you please PM or flick an email through to if you have not received the email outlining details around our special meeting for sanction affiliation ASAP.

If you didn't put an email address on your membership form, don't panic you will receive information via post.

Our special meeting regarding sanction affiliation will be held at 7PM on the same day. Only club members and the sanction official representatives are able to attend.

No new memberships will be accepted as our season has now ended. The extension of current members going through to the 1st of July is due to COVID-19 delaying our AGM being held.

Memberships for the 2020/2021 season will not be available for purchase at the AGM. The committee voted on, will need time to meet as a group and organise the fees, membership packs etc.

We look forward to seeing you all soon. It's been far too long! :)

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Check out the The Anthill Mob drag racing team video of one of their 6 second passes! At Masterton Motorplex International Dragstrip

They ain’t wrong, it’s Sunday and we too wish we were at the track.

Did you catch our post earlier in the season of this talented team reaching the 200mph club!

We miss seeing you guys on the strip and displaying the thrill of drag racing 🤘🤘

We can’t wait to see you guys again soon 🙌🏻

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We are excited to see the passion around which sanction PBDRC will be going with for the coming seasons.

Please remember a couple of things:
- Must be a financial or life member to vote
- The outcomes of the votes is the decision, not the committee
- When the club has proposals of each sanction these will be distributed to all members so they have the resources to make an informed decision for themselves
- We do not take lightly to blackmail. The club will be with a sanction one or other other. Threats of we will not race if you are “xx sanction” don’t work. If you are that passionate, we would hope you are a member so you can vote.
- National series, this was voted on by the club members and was in place for a 2 season deal. So the sanction vote has nothing to do with this and will not change the club hosting national events.

As a club we want to be a part of fostering the best for drag racing in NZ. Attitudes that don’t align with this are not welcome.

We will let everyone know when we can go ahead with the meetings and give everyone the information we get once we have it.

This delay in our calendar events is not something we foresaw. We are looking forward to being able to catch up with everyone again once we are allowed 🤘

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If you’re trying to access our website, we are having some technical issues at the moment with the site intermittently working and then not.

Hope to have it sorted soon!

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Hey team,

With everything going on with the lockdown situation, you’ll notice we haven’t advertised our 2019/2020 Season Prize Giving or AGM.

We don’t really want to advertise the events until lockdown is over to avoid confusion and have to rearrange dates, until things are set in stone.

However, we’d like your thoughts on what you’d all like to do when lockdown is over.

Usually we have prize giving and the AGM seperate. Would you still like these run this way, or with possible time constraints would you like the prize giving and the AGM to be combined?

We understand that some people just want to come to the prizegiving or vice versa and only be at the AGM.

If you’re not comfortable leaving your feedback in the comments, feel free to flick us a private message. 🤘

Here’s hoping the 2020/2021 season can kick off without a hitch. We are missing the track deeply, and can’t wait to be back in action!

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Hope everyone is nice and safe wether its at home Isolating or out working as a Essential worker.

For those of you who are desperately missing drag racing heres a quick cheaper fix to that addiction.

Doorslammers 2

Post up your quickest times lets see whos fastest from their couch 👌🏻

For Apple phone users

And here for all you Google phones

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With all that’s going on and everyone absolutely guttered that we can’t finish the season off how we want to.

How about we do a virtual display for our drag racing. Put up some of your favourite photos/videos from the season and let us know you’re best achievements this.

Whether it be a win, a PB, your fastest pass or just a photo you love 🤘

Open to all. You don’t have to be Christchurch racer. 🙌🏻

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4 months ago

Pegasus Bay Drag Racing Club

My Fellow racers and race fans,

On behalf of the entire PBDRC committee who after much deliberation and conversation, have decided in the interest of safety/health of the racers, race fans and the public we cannot move forward with the upcoming season closer race day.

As such, the 5th of April 2020 race day - The Mount Shop presents PBDRC season closer IS CANCELLED.

The decision to cancel has not been an easy one and has been left to the very last moment so as we had all the facts in front of us.

We would like to thank all of you.... sponsors, volunteers, crash crew, St john ambulance, life members, members, photographers, racers, race crew, spectators and everyone else in between for helping make this season what it has been. This will definitely go down in history as a right out of left field reason to end the PBDRC 2019/2020 season.

Take care out there, take this time to work on your vehicle and make it 100% ready for the next season starting sometime in september/october 2020.

as always, keep a lookout on the facebook page and the website for the latest news regarding the club.

Keep a look out for the dates for the Club AGM and the Club PRIZEGIVING in the next few months

Catch ya on the flip flop

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