Red Dirt Raceway

Red Dirt Raceway is located in Meeker, Oklahoma.
Racing at this location contains: dirt oval.


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🇺🇸Happy 4th of July to everyone!!! Stay safe and stay FREE🇺🇸 ...

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Don't forget that there are NO RACES TONIGHT at Red Dirt Raceway - Meeker, OK but Oklahoma Sports Park in Ada is racing tonight and will have FIREWORKS!....
-NEXT RACE at Red Dirt Raceway is the USAC Tuesday Night Thunder at Red Dirt Raceway - July 21st!!! Tailgate section spots are on sale RIGHT NOW on website
-Pre-sale tickets for Tuesday Night Thunder with the USAC Racing National Midget Series will go on sale THIS MONDAY at

Have a great weekend and be PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!


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More spectator parking coming soon!!! ...

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More great photos from last Friday nights races! Contact DPCmedia for purchase....Go to to purchase photos. ...

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6 days ago

Red Dirt Raceway - Meeker, OK

Red Dirt Raceway - Meeker, OK's cover photo ...

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Photos from The 3rd Annual Mike Peters Freedom 40 Classic last night! Contact Ashley Allinson Photography for purchase...Please feel free to tag and share!

PM me for orders!

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RESULTS--> The 3rd Annual Mike Peters Freedom 40 Classic

Its All Danny Wood in 40 Lap Mike Peters Freedom 40 Classic!
Whit Gastineau jumped out to an early lead in front of the stacked Sprint Series Of Oklahoma A-Main field! Gastineau worked the top side of the track just inches from the wall while pole sitter Andy Shouse and 4th place starting Danny Wood gave chase. At the lap 7 mark, Shouse began using turns 3/4 to mount his charge with multiple slide jobs to take the point while Gastineau would turn back under and re-gain the lead down the front chute! This battle up front allowed Wood to gain ground on the leaders and throw his hat into the ring for a three way battle for the lead! Ultimately contact between Wood and Shouse on the exit of turn two would cause Shouse to slow down the backstretch with suspension issues. On the restart, Wood hunted down Gastineau and made the race winning pass just before the halfway point of the 40 lapper! Wood would stretch that lead to almost 4 seconds in a 28 lap green flag run to flagmans David Bohnstedt' double checkered flags! Gastineau would close on Wood in lapped traffic over the last 5 laps but it was too little, too late for the Moore, OK driver who would finish 2nd ahead of 7th starting Danny Smith who rounded out the podium! 10th starting Dillon Laden would finish 4th while "Hot Rod" Johnny Kent nailed down the 5th spot!....Heats winners were Michael Day, Jase Randolph, Danny Wood, Jesse Mack, and Andy Shouse.

The Sport Modified World Championship Finale was a family affair as young Race Elliott would take home the $1500 winners share ahead of HIS DAD Robert Elliott!!! 3rd finishing Glen Chapa used every trick in the book to get around Robert Elliott and then challenge for the lead but neither Elliott would make a mistake and Chapa would settle for the last podium position. Bartlesville, OK driver Nick Artherton would ride the high side for most of the race before settling for 4th while 9th place finished Jeff Rozelle charged to a 5th place finish!

Chris Wilhite Sr was top dog among the 26 Pure Stocks who signed in to do battle! Brad Savoie and Johnathan Jarvis would round out the top three!

Logan Longenbaugh charged to the Red Dirt Raceway - Meeker, OK winners circle in Turf Tire Micro action ahead of Luke Anderson and Tony Huddleston!

We(Red Dirt Raceway, the Brewer Family, and our staff) would like to THANK Ojar Peters and the entire Peters Family for allowing Red Dirt Raceway to host the Mike Peters Freedom 40 Classic again in 2020! Mike was one of the guys who I thought hung the moon growing up and its truly an honor to be a part of this event!....We would also like to THANK Shane Carson for all he does in the racing world including organizing a REALLY COOL Autograph Party at intermission that saw many hot shoes from years past including Rickey and Bruce Jennings, Jerry Stone, Rick Barksdale, and many others!
Interestingly enough main event winner Danny Wood is the same age as many of these guys who were signing autographs and while they signed autographs, he was kicking a bunch of younger guys butts on a cushion pounding 1/4 bullring!!!

NEXT EVENT: USAC Tuesday Night Thunder at Red Dirt Raceway - July 21st with the USAC Racing NOS Energy Drink National Midget Series!

***Sprint Series of Oklahoma Sprint Cars - Winged 44 Entries***
A Feature 1 40 Laps | 00:28:49.333
1. 55X-Danny Wood[4]; 2. 2C-Whit Gastineau[2]; 3. 5$-Danny Smith[7]; 4. 18-Dillon Laden[10]; 5. 55-Johnny Kent[5]; 6. 03-Joe Wood Jr[17]; 7. 16S-Steven Shebester[9]; 8. 2-Michael Day[3]; 9. 9$-Kyle Clark[13]; 10. 15-Jase Randolph[6]; 11. 11-Avery Goodman[12]; 12. 83-Jett Hays[19]; 13. 71M-Jesse Mack[8]; 14. 50-Cody Whitworth[18]; 15. 78-Tanner Conn[15]; 16. 10-Darien Roberts[11]; 17. 33K-JT Kelly[20]; 18. 32G-Kolton Gariss[16]; 19. 27-Andy Shouse[1]; 20. 17-Jeremy Allen[14]

B Feature 1 12 Laps | 00:04:34.050
1. 03-Joe Wood Jr[4]; 2. 83-Jett Hays[5]; 3. 911-Ty Williams[14]; 4. 32K-Chris Kelly[1]; 5. 24C-Craig Carroll[3]; 6. 93-Zach Patterson[12]; 7. 21-Brandon Jennings[10]; 8. 66-Edmund Bishop[9]; 9. 3G-Lane Goodman[11]; 10. 10X-Scott Roberts[6]; 11. 1P-Dylan Postier[2]; 12. 16W-Weston Miller[7]; 13. 6N-Emily Lowry[13]; 14. 22C-Charlie Crumpton[8]

B Feature 2 12 Laps | 00:05:11.401
1. 50-Cody Whitworth[1]; 2. 33K-JT Kelly[2]; 3. 55M-Corey McGehee[8]; 4. R2-David Stewart[3]; 5. 8X-Austin Shores[4]; 6. 82-Austin Saunders[5]; 7. 79-Tim Kent[9]; 8. 6-Alison Slaton[10]; 9. 29H-Brian Harvey[7]; 10. 6A-Abby Laden[13]; 11. 24H-Lightfoot Hawkins[6]; 12. 11X-Greg Steele[14]

Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:04:03.000
1. 2-Michael Day[1]; 2. 5$-Danny Smith[9]; 3. 18-Dillon Laden[5]; 4. 22C-Charlie Crumpton[2]; 5. 24C-Craig Carroll[7]; 6. 33K-JT Kelly[6]; 7. 8X-Austin Shores[3]; 8. 6-Alison Slaton[4]; 9. 31$-Ross Moore[8]

Heat 2 8 Laps | 00:03:43.000
1. 15-Jase Randolph[1]; 2. 16S-Steven Shebester[3]; 3. 78-Tanner Conn[2]; 4. 03-Joe Wood Jr[4]; 5. 11-Avery Goodman[8]; 6. 93-Zach Patterson[7]; 7. 79-Tim Kent[5]; 8. 911-Ty Williams[9]; 9. 11M-Michael Tyre II[6]

Heat 3 8 Laps | 00:04:04.000
1. 55X-Danny Wood[2]; 2. 2C-Whit Gastineau[4]; 3. 9$-Kyle Clark[3]; 4. 32G-Kolton Gariss[5]; 5. 10X-Scott Roberts[6]; 6. 66-Edmund Bishop[8]; 7. 50-Cody Whitworth[9]; 8. 24H-Lightfoot Hawkins[7]; 9. 11X-Greg Steele[1]

Heat 4 8 Laps | 00:06:05.000
1. 71M-Jesse Mack[2]; 2. 55-Johnny Kent[9]; 3. 1P-Dylan Postier[1]; 4. 32K-Chris Kelly[5]; 5. 6N-Emily Lowry[3]; 6. 21-Brandon Jennings[8]; 7. R2-David Stewart[7]; 8. 55M-Corey McGehee[6]; 9. 6A-Abby Laden[4]

Heat 5 8 Laps | 00:04:06.000
1. 27-Andy Shouse[5]; 2. 10-Darien Roberts[1]; 3. 17-Jeremy Allen[3]; 4. 83-Jett Hays[4]; 5. 16W-Weston Miller[6]; 6. 3G-Lane Goodman[8]; 7. 82-Austin Saunders[2]; 8. 29H-Brian Harvey[7]

***Pure Stock 26 Entries***
A Feature 1 20 Laps | 00:24:13.348
1. 21W-Chris Wilhite Sr[5]; 2. 30-Brad Savoie[6]; 3. 38-Johnathan Jarvis[10]; 4. 66-Jeff Rozelle[7]; 5. 51-Scott Martin[13]; 6. 41-Shawn Brownlee[9]; 7. 18-Randy Thomas[16]; 8. 8S-Robert Steele[15]; 9. 79-Nicolas Morales[14]; 10. 2H-Stephen Grimes[8]; 11. 41B-Braxton Brownlee[18]; 12. 57-Rustin Johnson[12]; 13. 45S-Patrick Smith[2]; 14. 94-Dennis Dickson[17]; 15. 6-Scott Wilson[11]; 16. 57J-Dustin Johnson[19]; 17. 4-Patrick Coker[4]; 18. 14C-Codey McDonald[3]; 19. 711-Matthew Nelson[1]; 20. 19B-ROBERT GORDON[20]

B Feature 1 10 Laps | 00:07:34.611
1. 51-Scott Martin[8]; 2. 79-Nicolas Morales[1]; 3. 8S-Robert Steele[2]; 4. 18-Randy Thomas[12]; 5. 94-Dennis Dickson[4]; 6. 41B-Braxton Brownlee[9]; 7. 57J-Dustin Johnson[3]; 8. 19B-ROBERT GORDON[13]; 9. 26-austin leedale; 10. (DNS) 75R-Anthony Rodriquez; 11. (DNS) C4-Nate Cargill; 12. (DNS) 3S-Samuel Sumner

Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:02:59.148
1. 2H-Stephen Grimes[6]; 2. 711-Matthew Nelson[2]; 3. 41-Shawn Brownlee[7]; 4. 6-Scott Wilson[9]; 5. 79-Nicolas Morales[5]; 6. 94-Dennis Dickson[3]; 7. 75R-Anthony Rodriquez[4]; 8. C4-Nate Cargill[8]; 9. 19B-ROBERT GORDON[1]

Heat 2 8 Laps | 00:05:25.979
1. 38-Johnathan Jarvis[7]; 2. 30-Brad Savoie[5]; 3. 4-Patrick Coker[4]; 4. 57-Rustin Johnson[8]; 5. 8S-Robert Steele[3]; 6. 88-Bud Tackett[2]; 7. 51-Scott Martin[6]; 8. 78-Richard Jarvis[1]

Heat 3 8 Laps | 00:03:56.563
1. 21W-Chris Wilhite Sr[4]; 2. 66-Jeff Rozelle[5]; 3. 14C-Codey McDonald[3]; 4. 45S-Patrick Smith[2]; 5. 57J-Dustin Johnson[1]; 6. 3S-Samuel Sumner[7]; 7. 41B-Braxton Brownlee[8]; 8. 18-Randy Thomas[6]

***Sport Modifieds 19 Entries***
A Feature 1 30 Laps | 00:18:26.155
1. 09R-Race Elliott[3]; 2. 09-Robert Elliott[2]; 3. C9-Glen Chapa[5]; 4. 1BB-Nick Artherton[4]; 5. 101-Jeff Rozelle[9]; 6. 77S-Kyle Goforth[6]; 7. 38T-Jay Todd[13]; 8. 526-Steve Robinson[7]; 9. 10-Mike Spencer[14]; 10. 5J-Jeremy Hodges[17]; 11. 10B-RALPH BRITTON[16]; 12. 30-Andrew Coon[15]; 13. 15N-Matt Norwood[8]; 14. 21W-Jason Miller[12]; 15. 17P-Travis Penrod[10]; 16. 14-Hesston Shaw[1]; 17. 45G-TJ Garrett[11]; 18. 94-Chris Wilhite Jr[19]; 19. 14C-Codey McDonald[18]

Last Chance Qualifier 1 12 Laps | 00:05:07.000
1. 101-Jeff Rozelle[4]; 2. 45G-TJ Garrett[6]; 3. 38T-Jay Todd[5]; 4. 30-Andrew Coon[3]; 5. 5J-Jeremy Hodges[1]; 6. 14C-Codey McDonald[2]

Last Chance Qualifier 2 12 Laps | 00:04:14.000
1. 17P-Travis Penrod[3]; 2. 21W-Jason Miller[2]; 3. 10-Mike Spencer[1]; 4. 10B-RALPH BRITTON[5]

Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:06:41.000
1. 101-Jeff Rozelle[3]; 2. 94-Chris Wilhite Jr[1]; 3. 38T-Jay Todd[2]; 4. 10B-RALPH BRITTON[5]; 5. 45G-TJ Garrett[4]

***Turf Tire Micros 7 Entries***
A Feature 1 15 Laps | 00:09:00.347
1. 37X-Logan Longenbaugh[1]; 2. 42-Luke Anderson[3]; 3. 00-Tony Huddleston[2]; 4. 93-Cody Harvey[6]; 5. 27-Josh Lambert[5]; 6. 70-Ravin Grace[7]; 7. 29-Charles Provost[4]

Heat 1 8 Laps | 00:03:50.000
1. 29-Charles Provost[6]; 2. 42-Luke Anderson[4]; 3. 00-Tony Huddleston[2]; 4. 27-Josh Lambert[1]; 5. 37X-Logan Longenbaugh[7]; 6. 93-Cody Harvey[5]; 7. 70-Ravin Grace[3]

Photo Credits to Lonnie Wheatley and Ashley Allinson

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Danny Smith finishes 3rd with the S.S.O. tonight for the Mike Peter's Freedom 40 Classic. ...

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Whit Gastineau 2nd place with the IMCA Racesaver Sprint Series Of Oklahoma Presented by Smileys Racing Products. ...

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