Southern Oregon Speedway

Southern Oregon Speedway is located in White City, Oregon.
Racing at this location contains: 3/10 banked oval, road course.


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Here is a brief visual update from the speedway. Stay tuned for other updates! ...

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As you know, we have gotten through Phase 1 and are into Phase 2, which allows 250 people at an outdoor gathering with certain restrictions in place. The key factor we need is spectators and that is still not the case in Phase 2.

So if and when we get to Phase 3, we hope spectators will be addressed so it will be foreseeable to operate the speedway without loss of revenue. We hold out hope that in time the restrictions will be relaxed so we won't have to wait for a vaccine to be available in order to have spectators.

This whole event is beyond frustrating with a hodgepodge of different guidelines in some states and counties that are free to come up with what they want. I get that we need to be cautious because it is serious, but this helter-skelter approach has already had a trickle-down effect on jobs, businesses and people's way of life.

While some tracks have had tests in tunes, some even racing with no crowd, some limited crowd and some pay-per-view only, some with concessions and some with no concessions at all, it depends on what state, county and what governor you have. That dictates if you can operate.

So in all reality, we are a little closer to operating, but we're still a long way from where we need to be to operate and invest in the cost of required changes to satisfy to the guidelines. In the coming weeks, we hope they ease up for us to begin the steps to open.

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Southern Oregon Speedway Update

What a difference a year makes! Things have changed in the world and motorsports. Management has been in a holding pattern to see how this shakes out for Southern Oregon Speedway. Unfortunately, it's not a good situation for us as it is in a County Park, and as you know, everything is shut down until things get better on the virus.

We have been classified as being in Phase III, last on the chain to get open with some restrictions at that. Operating a motorsports facility is based on economics of the public and is very complicated in many ways. We have already been informed of the cancellation of The Iron Giant Street Stock Series in May and the Malicious Monster Truck two-day event in June and also have experienced some cancellation of sponsorships in advertising due to financial setbacks.

This is serious on many levels. Even insurance carriers of race tracks have pulled back on coverage if there is a virus problem at a speedway! The answer right now is any events at the speedway for 2020 are on hold until we get a chance to open with NO restrictions, covenants, and government, state and county gives us a clean bill of health.

The Management

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Great times at Southern Oregon Speedway. Years 2009 thru 2015, Enjoy
Shadows of light Photos, Carole Bryan

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Enjoy, can’t wait till we all can go racing. Everyone be safe and healthy
Shadows of light

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Race teams and fans planning on attending the Pear BlossomParade. The Pear Blossom Parade and all festivities have been cancelled. ...

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Cory has just received a call from the marketing director at the Rogue Valley Mall. Unfortunately he was informed the car show has been cancelled due to the Corona Virus executive order instituted by Governor Kate Brown.

Moxie Media & Promotions is diligently working to secure another venue. We will keep everyone posted on any breaking developments.

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Let's have our racing community help with a great cause!ATTENTION SOUTHERN OREGON SPEEDWAY TEAMS, DRIVERS AND FANS:

We are looking for raffle items for the car show. Prizes do not have to be race related.

*Examples of popular prizes in the past:
•Oil changes
•Car washes
•Coffee/Food gift cards

Drivers a great raffle item has been door panels.

It can be ANYTHING. If you or your company would like to contribute a raffle prize please contact Moxie Media & Promotions through private message on our Facebook page. Proceeds will go to Shriner's Hospital.
We appreciate any and all contributions to support a great organization. Looking forward to seeing all of you at the show!

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2020 Southern Oregon Speedway Car Show will kick off season. Come join us!The 2020 race season is fast approaching us. The Spring like weather has had everyone chomping at the bit to get to the track. Daffodils shooting up out of the ground are a sure sign spring isn't far away and with spring comes the smell of burning race fuel from high horsepower, fire breathing dirt track race cars.

Southern Oregon Speedway will kick off the 2020 season with the Southern Oregon Speedway Race Car Show at the Rogue Valley Mall in Medford. Moxie Media & Promotions had to work some magic to get the show inside the mall. A lot of work and negotiations went into locking down the show. The car show is a great way to get in front of the general public in the Rogue Valley and draw them out the track.

It wasn't long ago Southern Oregon Speedway was in disarray and losing it's core support of cars and fans. Since Mike McCann assumed the lease of the facility Southern Oregon Speedway has seen an uprising in both car count and fans in the grandstands. Corporate sponsorship is getting stronger with each new season under McCann as well.

McCann has spent a lifetime in racing as both promoter and driver. His experience as promoter includes every dirt track in the state of Oregon with the exception of one that has it's future in question. The Pacific Northwest is in the midst of a lot of change and there's an energy in the atmosphere no doubt.

Southern Oregon Speedway under leadership of McCann has scheduled 24 quality events including the highest paying late model event on the West Coast, the Cottonwood Classic. That event pays four thousand to win. IMCA Sport Mods will compete for a two thousand dollar to win show. The Ironhead Nationals for the Kendall Oil Winged Sprint Cars will pay the winner a cool $2,000 to win, the Cascade Wingless Sprint Car Challenge will put $3,500 in the pocket of that races champion, and the biggest purse of the season will go to the IMCA Modified division at the R. Charles Snyder Tribute. That event pays $5,000 to win and will see drivers from multiple states unload and take their shot at the best talent the region has to offer.

Mike McCann has been busy the last couple of years doing everything he can to build the best dirt track racing product for fans and teams. Last season McCann brought in Moxie Media & Promotions to handle numerous duties media related from announcing to video and for the 2020 season McCann has somehow convinced the popular Bob Valencia to get on board as the tracks new race director. Valencia will make his way each week from his home in Montesano, Washington just next door to Elma. Valencia is an established race director that has contributed to more than one tracks success in the Pacific Northwest. Couple all that with McCanns right hand man Don Martin who works diligently in all aspects to contribute to the success and future of Southern Oregon Speedway and there's no doubt the future is very bright for the premier dirt track racing venue in the western region.

Teams from Southern Oregon Speedway and around the state will roll their cars into the Rogue Valley Mall Friday night March 27 and those cars will be on display through the weekend and exit Sunday night March 29. If you can't wait for the weekend you may be able to catch a sneak peek in the parking lot as the teams unloads their new rides for 2020. Come join us at the car show and if you can't be there, we'll see you at the races!

Southern Oregon Speedway will continue it's strong presence in the Medford community when several of race teams will roll their race cars through the long running Pear Blossom Festival to get the local community excited about the race track right in the own back yard. Make you're way out to the Pear Blossom Festival to support Southern Oregon Speedway, it's race teams and sponsors in the local community.

You can download a printable version of the 2020 Southern Oregon Speedway schedule from the website.

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