Western Colorado Dragway

Western Colorado Dragway is located in Clifton, Colorado.
Racing at this location contains: NHRA 1/4 mile dragstrip.


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Good day WCDW supporters ..

Remember, we are a membership facility ( 501c non- profit ) and as you well know, working very hard to keep smoke rolling at the facility .

This takes a good group of folks to operate on race days . We are always looking for volunteers. There are many ways to help if you are a volunteer. We do also have a base of part time employees that work very hard at the track .

We would like to extend opportunities to others in our fast paced location .


Contact the track at ......wcrda@hotmail.com

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Good evening friends and racers of Western Colorado Dragway .

We would like to extend thanks to those who helped remove the damaged stands tonight . A good work group of about 10 folks made good time on the project . It would appear that a portion of the stands can be used for a smaller seating section .

A special thank you to Todd Butler with Old School Roofing for his equipment and skills with the movement of the stands . As well , thank you Nick for your trip up from Hotchkiss to lend a hand .

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Do you like Motorsports ?

Are you a team member ?

Western Colorado Dragway is always interested in those who would support the track during race events. We work hard to respect personal needs of those involved and work to balance voluntary help & staff help .

If you like fast cars and excellent racing and want to be a team member, contact us though our e-mail . Leave us your interest and contact information.


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Good evening members ...

This coming Wednesday ( July 1st ) our member Todd Butler will be out with some big equipment to move the damaged stands . This will occur at approximately 5 pm providing weather is not an issue .

We will be looking for some good hand assistance. Interested parties could bring along extra large straps and possible hand tools . This will be a new task for us to accomplish and a bit of an unknown .

The insurance work on the stand is complete and we will proceed with the new replacements .

Thank you for your consideration .

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4 days ago

Western Colorado Dragway

Huge shout out all the our Board members Doug, Eric , John & Rodney for all there help this race. Also to Amber Peek for helping us out in a huge way. We appreciate everyones support and help during this difficult time! ...

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Good day Western Colorado Dragway Followers, Crew & Racers ...

A request is being sent to all today regarding Saturday June 27th ....

Drag racing at WCDW is a luxury for all of us . Participation is a luxury . Spectating is a luxury .

The ...” ASK”....

Given the environment that we are placed in , we ask all of you to adhere to our requests at the track . As a luxury, our privilege to participate rests in all hands on site .

When we provide a spectator the opportunity to visit . The responsibility rests with you to understand mandates of Social Distancing & Recommended face covering when around others outside of your personal group . Keep your distance and follow mandates .
Please, if you do not get into to spectate as part of our 175 person cap, do not complain . Please do not create a scene when the gate to the spectator side is sold out and closed . We want all of you but must follow compliance for the continuation of safe events .

Participants and crew, we understand the “new” of the facility and restrictions placed on you . Please abide by our expectation of social distancing & appropriate face covers as needed in a group . Your business location ( Pit Area ) can only accommodate the racer and Five Crew Members maximum.


We want to continue into 2020 as best that we can given our circumstance. We will adhere to mandates in accordance to County stipulation. “ANY PERSON” not following compliance will be removed by our On Site SECURITY and MANAGEMENT.

This becomes now your responsibility to help maintain what we have worked so hard to accomplish... racing in 2020 .

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Attention Racers , Crew and limited spectator admission.

Notes for the up coming June 27th event ....


175 arm bands will be set aside for purchase at the gate . This area will have security present and all expectation will be placed on you as you enter the facility to follow protocol . When these are sold , the gate will close for entrance .

With the concern of Covid and our participation in presenting a successful weekend . All persons on property will engage in Social Distancing . Masks are not mandatory...BUT...remain suggested. This would be very important in the ..SPECTATOR...area . Please tailgate and seat in your own groups . We have to do our part and remain safe and presentable to the County compliance . No admission will be allowed in the pit area for the general public .

Racers / crew

You will stay in the pit area for the event . Do not enter the general admission area . That is a designated person count area . Your business resides in your pit area and as called to participate . Do not mingle in the staging lanes . When you are finished with your day , please exit the property . The only on site camping is for teams that are from out of town or facility staff members overseeing the property .


Please arrive prepared . There is no cooked food on property. Drinks and prepackaged food can only be purchased at the walk up window at the concession building . Bring your food and drink for your WCDW picnic .

Pit lease holders

We continue to ask for your support and now we will expect your support . It is a privilege to have a spot . Do your part and help your track in your absence . We will began to keep track of those empty pit stalls. It does not help to own a pit and leave it vacant for an event as we work to help racers and build complete races . Please leave us information regarding your absence .

Overflow pit area

We need your help in this area . Please do not take up multiple spots . This area is designed for cars to pit behind trailers / off the trailer. Crew vehicles are not allowed in this area . Racers without pit spaces wil need to pit in this area unless directed by a staff member to do otherwise .

We all want to continue to operate in 2020 please do your part.

Thank you for your understanding during these challenging times .

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June 27th

Super Pro
Licensing cars

We know you are the heart of the Saturday Track Events . We appreciate your attendance June 13th . We know a majority of you did get to see the track for a pass . We are looking at that event as our only Test N Tune day .

We have heard from many of you regarding tech cards and crew entry. We appreciate all of you. The race rounds were not started so there will be no make up portion for the event.

We will leave the financial decisions to be made by you the racer . Many of you have stated that you will be purchasing a new tech card for June 27th . We have heard from some that you will be donating a portion of that entry to the track while getting a new card . We also understand that this can be a hardship for some racers amongst us .

We will let you the racers decide your needs . What ever occurs the track will be most appreciative to the gestures and actions .

We will be returning to standard track entry . No pre entry June 27th . All names and entries from June 13th will be on a list at the front gate and at the racer entry trailer.

All new entries will follow regular protocol to enter .

Remember ... we will be keeping all racers and crew members in the pit area to provide better social distancing. No general admission arm bands will be allowed in the pit area . Make sure to get your crew members ( 5 per race entry ) prepared .

We will all work together to promote a nice event under challenging times . Proper conduct and compliance will allow continued operation at Western Colorado Dragway .

** Only 150 General Admission tickets will be sold on spectator side of track . First come, first served. Then sales will conclude with no further entry .

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June 27th

J&A Services Quick 16

This is a field of the quickest 16 cars on property . The dial must by 8.90 and quicker to qualify for the laddered class .

Racer running J&A Quick 16 will need a Quick entry Tech Card . If you enter and do not make the field you can apply entry to a Super Pro Tech Card or receive a refund .

No previous entry tech card will be allowed from June 13th for this separate class .

All J&A Quick Class enties can also purchase and enter Super Pro . Please understand that this is your decision and time for vehicle cool down can be compromised . When we call you to the lanes, please make all efforts to be timely. We will need to stay on schedule.

Each entry will be allowed 5 crew members .

** Only 150 general admission tickets will be sold . First come , first served . When sold out , admission will be closed .

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June 27th ...


Gates open at 8 am

Please stage cars in staging lanes no later then 8:45 am

One Test N Tune for all Licenced JR entries . 9 am

Drivers completing licensing please stage behind test n tune racers .

Since we started your race without completion( June 13th ) ... those still on the bracket will pair and return to lanes after a slight cool down for continued rounds . Please listen to calls .

Test n tunes for licensed JR racers will be called with those still racing to separate lanes . Licensing racers will follow and stage behind regular test n tune cars .

We hope you see the importance of expediting the program to fit all racers in a timely fashion . If you miss your call , we will move on in rounds or testing without you . This is your responsibility as a racer.

JR Racers ...Please be prepared ..get mom and dad ready to race. Your the bosses!

Racer entry. If you started eliminations and lost your day was finished June 13th. Racers still in the bracket , your entry is valid for the completion event and then a new Tech Card must be purchased .

All new racers / crew is subject to entry pricing . 5 crew members per race entry .

Upon completion of June 13th & Test N Tune . June 27th brackets will began. Promptness will be a necessity.

** Only 150 general admission tickets will be sold . First come , first served.
When sold out , admission will be closed .

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